What You Can Do
Remember, creating smoke-free policies in or on your property is completely legal, and increases positive health outcomes for you, your spouse, your children, and your neighbors.

Going Smoke-Free: One Step At A Time

Step 1: Get informed


Step 2: Share the information


Step 3: Gain Support


Step 4: Present to the Board


Serena Chen, a nationally recognized expert in secondhand smoke, spoke at our annual meeting on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.   Below are Ms. Chen’s presentations.

Secondhand Tobacco Smoke in Housing

SmokeFree MultiUnit Housing - Serena Chen

2011 Smoke-free Housing - State and Local UPDATE (Serena Chen)

How Landlords Prohibit Smoking

The Hawaii Smoke-Free Homes Initiative

What is Secondhand Smoke?

Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

How To Go Smoke-Free

Tips on Reducing Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Model Lease/By-laws/CRC Language

Sample Survey

How do I enforce new policy?

Hawaii's Smoke-Free Law

Sample Signage